13 July 2018
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The day I launched my consulting business focusing on wine-makers, many people in Tuscany asked me if my range of services would include the organisation of wine cellar tours, especially dedicated to small groups of people with a strong focus on business operations and/or private visits motivated by great passion rather than passing whims.

The curious thing is that this demand request came from Tuscany, a region organised in this context more than any other for some considerable time. Evidently, demand is still high today and perhaps even increasing, since – as the months went by – I also had this feeling when talking with American clients (as well as those from the Far East and other countries physically distant from Italy) – whose work or passion requires professional support in the organization of travel logistics and transfers in this specific sector.

The idea first began to emerge some time ago but only today at last finds its logical outcome: I am delighted to announce the agreement between my agency and ITO GROUP, a leading company for more than fifty years in the organisation of trips, events and conferences, with offices in Padua and Milan, guided by a team of professionals working in highly specialised Business Units.

Today, we have designed for the portal dedicated to the entire world of incoming tourists and professional tourism a series of packages that can be used by individuals and companies alike in order to find out more about our local areas, discover new wine cellars or at last visit well-known wine-makers, taste new and old products and enjoy a genuine, exclusively made-to-measure escape into the world of wine: and WINE ESCAPE is precisely the name of our project dedicated to travel in the world of wine, which we will promote interactively at regular intervals with everyone involved.

Ready to pack your bags?

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